HAKUBA VALLEY becomes the largest snow resort in Japan!

HAKUBA VALLEY becomes the largest snow resort in Japan!の画像
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Hakuba Valley has announced that they will introduce new ticket and gate system which enables skiers and snowboarders to access all of 11 snow resorts located in Hakuba area from 2016-2017 season. This now makes Hakuba Valley the largest snow resort in Japan. In fact, it is twice as big as Niseko area in Hokkaido: Hakuba valley now have 111 ski lifts and gondolas combined, and total of 956ha of areas where you can ride.


How this works?

Hakuba Valley introduces new IC ticket (Hakuba Valley Ticket) which enables customers to reach all 11 snow resorts located in Hakuba area with only ONE ticket. This IC ticket frees you from waiting in the line to purchase the lift ticket from each of 11 snow resorts (few resorts requires you to exchange the IC tickets with the lift tickets).
Also, you can charge the money to this IC card through the internet after it's expired so that you don't have to get into the line for buying the new lift tickets and they are planning for discounts too.

This is a great merit not only for people in Japan, but more for tourists.

The Hakuba Valley would be a great choice for tourist traveling in Japan. Tourists are tend to stay in Japan for 8~9 days and if they buy this Hakuba Valley Ticket, they can reach all 11 snow resorts everyday. They can change which resorts to ride everyday if the Hakuba Valley Tickets are within the valid time. Also, not many people working at snow resorts can speak foreign languages, so that this Hakuba Valley Tickets will make it easier for foreign tourists to buy tickets if they can buy it through the internet.

11 Snow Resorts

  1. Sanosaka Snow Resort - family friendly resort bordered with lake and forest
  2. Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort - offers largest night ski area in Hakuba Valley
  3. Hakuba 47 Snow Resort - offeres huge terrain park including halpipes, variety size of jumps, and jibbing items
  4. Hakuba Happo-One Snow Resort - offeres Hakuba Happo Banks and this resort runs up to 8km
  5. Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field - offers 360 panoramas of Northern Alps at the top
  6. Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort - set above 3,000m high with one of the most powder snow area in Hakuba Valley
  7. Hakuba Norikura Ski Resort - family friendly resort which also offers peak incline of 38 degrees
  8. Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort - offers largest hotel in Hakuba Valley withe one of the most powder snow area in Hakuba Valley
  9. Kashimayari Sports Village - the closest snow resort to Tokyo in Hakuba Valley
  10. Jiigatake Ski Resort - not only family friendly, but very good for beginners and kids
  11. Yanaba Snow Park - the closest snow resort to train station

If you are thinking about coming to Japan for ski or snowboard, Hakuba Valley is definitely your choice for winter.



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